Anonymous asked: I know how hard it can be! Just remember this: you shouldn't hate him, or think about him, or have any negative feelings toward him; you should NOTHING him, because that leaves you with all the power. If you nothing him, he can't touch any part of your life anymore.

gaaaaaah stop being right, i wanna be mean haha

Anonymous asked: Hi I don't know you but I just read your text post about messing with the guy! I'm in the same type of situation...but I chose to leave him happy. Because, chances are, if he is happy, he doesn't have the room in his life to want to mess anybody else's up. The universe is settling things the way they should be settled. :)

waaaah i know, thats why i haven’t done it yet. He was just so malicious and didn’t suffer at all, yet he prayed on my literally during my worst mental breakdown yet and i’m so angryy i really wanna fuck with him


easter 2014 looks

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